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Dalton Green

    Dalton Green shows

    Chad Harrison, aka Dalton Green, is host and producer of the weekly music program THE DALTON GREEN SHOW.

    Chad was born in Asheboro, North Carolina, home of the Blue Comets and the Fighting Armadillos.  As a kid he remembers listening to Wolfman Jack on the radio, as well as playing tapes on his dad’s portable cassette player.  His dad had a James Brown cassette that had the song “Ain’t It Funky Now.”  When Chad first heard the horn riff, he was hooked and this started his musical journey.

    Chad’s love for taking things apart eventually led him to electronics school.  His love of music led Chad to playing the drums, piano, and purchasing well over a thousand albums and counting, not to mention the thousands and thousands of downloads.

    Chad moved to Arizona in 2005 and in 2008 he met a Radio Phoenix volunteer who said they were getting petitions together to start a community radio station.  Later on in 2008, he received a call from another Radio Phoenix volunteer who asked if he was interested in doing a show and of course Chad said yes.  The Dalton Green Show and his first chance to be on air, was born in 2008 at Radio Phoenix (now KRDP).  Now based in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Dalton Green Show features classic soul, R&B, electronic, Hip-Hop, blues, and anything with a groove.